How to add custom elements to your logo design


This is the last video in this course. The custom elements tool is a little known trick – but can let you add additional vector shapes to your design. This allows you to really add creative elements to your design without having to know how to draw. Check it out to learn how to add additional shapes and designs into your logo. Once they are added you can apply special effects to make them uniquely yours.

This is the last video in this training series. I sincerely hope this was helpful in letting you understand what the logo design engine is capable of. There are even more features in our design engine but you’ll have to explore those.


You can start looking for a design here at . We’ll follow up tomorrow with some useful links. 


Thanks for partcipating in this short video course.

Once you’ve watched it – it’s time to try it out. Find a logo to try it at  

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