Customer Reviews

We do not directly solicit feedback from our customers, however most of our customers gladly tell us about the experiences with our services. Below are some actual customer emails with reviews we have received thanking us for our work. We understand how important your graphic needs are and we do our best to satisfy your design needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for references. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have purchased a design from us.

Kat you really did an outstanding job for me on these logos. I hope that you will still work with me in the future as I would hate to lose you and I still have many ideas in mind. Thank you again
Steve D.

Great job again!  We are very pleased.
Aharon D.

I bought my logo from you about a year ago and I love it!
Kaylene T.

Thanks so much for your wonderful service, so far.
Marilyn B.

Thanks for your hard work on this for me. I really appreciate it.
I thank you for your time and effort. We got them printed!

Jeremy J

Thank you very much, Kat! Glad to report this one has worked fine, no problem at all, I could donwload it easily and all the files are there! Thank you very much once again for your help – obviously, there was some corrupted file in the original download link.     I appreciate your great service, and I send my best wishes for your business. I will remember your URL if I have other requests for logos!    Best regards.
Jean M

Hi:  I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with my new logo.  I was expecting to have to check out professional designer, and then probably learn that I couldn’t afford their price.  It didn’t occur to me that I would find one I like among your designs, but I decided to try anyway.  The logo that I selected is perfect.  I like the colors, and since we carry both jewelry and collector’s mineral specimens, the logo will be a good match to our products.  Even better, it WILL stick in the customer’s minds and they are more likely to remember us!     I appreciate the excellent service and a well-designed product at an excellent cost.     Thanks for your continued good service…

Thank so much for your help! You all do great work and I am pleased with the way my final product looks!
Thank you for reactivating my link. You’ve been a big help.

Greg M

You guys are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!   Thank you soooo much : )
Lee Ann

Just wanted to follow-up and say thanks again for the logos.  They turned out great and are currently in production.  And thanks again for the quick turnaround.
Paul C.

Unbelievable service, was sure my email would be trashed.
Thank you so much.

Pete, Many thanks, great service. I will definitely refer my colleagues to your website. Kind regards
Michael K.

Peter, Thanks once again.
… I am just happy that I have got my logo -and so much easier than using a UK company.
Stay safe

Simon M.

super! I will recommend your company.  Have a nice day and thanks again for your great work ethics.


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