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Instant Logo Generator

We introduce our Instant Logo Maker. This new vector logo generator is the  most fully featured logo maker of our logo generators to date. Select from thousands of designs and customize the logo to suite your needs. You can do things like change the font, change the font and image colors, resize the font and logo image, rotate the text, plus a long list of other custom changes. Create a custom logo for your site, blog or business today.

Once you save your design, the basic logo image is yours for FREE!

Pay only $9.99 and you will instantly receive the vector files, plus your logo in several sizes. If you’re struggling with getting the creative juices flowing – you can hire a designer for only $99.99 and they will come up with concepts based on any of our designs for you.

There are so many possibilities to customize your design. Have fun and and design your perfect logo.


Sample of one logo concept customized 6 ways


Now for the fun stuff. We love to get our creative juices flowing. Whenever we have down time – our team works on custom graphic generators that are fun for websites and profiles.

Logo Generator V1

This is our original instant logo generator. It has less options that the new Instant Logo generator, but you still have the option of hundreds of logo designs and font options. You can change the positioning of your font, font type, font size and font color within each design.

Instant Logo Generator


The logos you design are free. Pay only for the Vector files and Resized image logos

Sig Logo Generator

This is one of the first image generators we offered. It is still very popular especially for creating custom sigs for message boards. We have literally hundreds of designs and hundreds of font options. Customize your very own sig using this sig logo generator.

Custom Sig Generator

Button Generator

Create custom buttons for your blog using our button generator. we have hundreds of button designs in various colors, designs and styles for you to chose from.

make custom buttonsMake Custom ButtonsMake Custom Buttons

Glitter Text Generator

Make fun glittering or rotating text with this generator. This generator has very limited options, but offers some pretty fun designs.



Mother’s Day Designs – looking for some Mother’s Day text or logo options – try this out!

mothersday 1


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