Reasons to Upgrade Your Logo

Yes, we give away logos for FREE so you may be wondering, why upgrade your design for $[insert_php]echo $instantPrice; [/insert_php]?

We already offer unique logo designs and an advanced logo design interface that allows you to uniquely customize your design in so many different ways.

Well, with a free logo you get a logo image file in transparent PNG format with a set size of about 350 – 400 pixels wide. In most cases this should be sufficient for placing your logo on a blog, website or to use in programs such as Microsoft Word. However to get additional use of your logo, you will need the logo files in additional formats and sizes that allow for such things as scaling your logo to a larger size, printing your logo at places like FedEx Kinkos or with online printing services like Vista Print, or Got Print.

Here are some Reasons to Upgrade Your Logo for only $[insert_php]echo $instantPrice; [/insert_php]:

  • Unique Logo designs you will not find anywhere else
  • Get vector files of your logo design
  • Get the fonts used in your logo design
  • Get PNG files in sizes 2000, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 300, 200, 100 pixels wide
  • Get Custom Image sizes at your request.
  • Your logo files are stored forever, should you lose your designs simply contact us and we will retrieve them from you
  • Request your logo files in additional formats at no cost (AI, EPS, PSD and other common graphic formats) – don’t worry your print shop will know what all these formats are 🙂 
  • Get Business Card templates (at your request) to print your logo either locally on your computer or at services like Got Print and Vista Print

We are constantly adding new services for the same low price of $[insert_php]echo $instantPrice; [/insert_php]

In the example below, you will see the quality difference between a free and a paid logo. Free logos are good for basic applications like web pages, and document templates. However if you need a print quality logo, please upgrade your design.

Standard Logo with no Zoom

Standard Logo PNG with no Zoom

If we zoom into a portion of the free logo PNG, you immediately notice a decline in image quality. The lines are not as crisp.

Standard Logo with Zoomed in

Standard Logo PNG Zoomed in

If we zoom into a portion of a paid logo Vector image file the quality of the image does not degrade. Vector images are scalable to very large sizes.

Paid Logo Vector Zoomed in

Paid Logo Vector Zoomed in

Paid logos can be used for professional graphics in applications such as printing, signs, and other graphic needs that rely on high quality images. You get all this and more for just $9.99

Enjoy your free logo, or spend a little and get a whole lot more.


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